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Are you looking for solutions for your passive sound and fire protection??

You get exactly what you need from us. No more and no less.

With our help we put the components for your complete door system together. Our focus is the conversation with you. We take the time to do this until we have found your individual fire or sound protection solution and the right materials for your special interior design requirements.

In the consultation we keep an eye on the requirements of your international customers and the diverse specifications. We know these complex questions and navigate you competently through the jungle of laws and special national requirements, for example doors according to British Standard or Middle East Standard (Dubai). EU member states that do not use CE (meet European standards) to mark their construction products have their own national technical specifications for doors.

We are here to help!

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We develop individual solutions for you.

We are experts in passive fire and sound protection. We stand for door systems and components in passive fire and sound protection as well as door systems for other special applications. Important for us is the conversation with you. Together we develop individual solutions. We coordinate planning, production and testing, including analysis of results, and ensure on-time delivery with the right number of pieces.

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Find out more about our products, from our H-Flachs soundproofing insert to technical doors and fire protection components.

About H-Flachcs Company

In 1998, Managing Director Wolfgang Hagenauer started as a pioneer with the company H-Flachs, with the use of flax in door and interior fittings. The product and consulting portfolio has expanded. Pioneering spirit and curiosity have remained.


We are sustainable.

Our consulting process is sustainable.
When it comes to the procurement of raw materials for our products and systems and their processing, we place great value on responsible business practices for ourselves and our suppliers.

Wood from sustainably managed forests is used.
H-Flachs relies on its namesake for carrier boards, the sustainable crop flax. In contrast to wood, not a single tree has to be felled for the economic use of flax. For an flax board, 100 percent of the wood-containing components from the root and stalk are used.

H-Flachs has been certified according to the guidelines of FSC (TSUD-CW-000277) since 12.12.2013 and PEFC (HW-CoC-0280-13) since 09.01.2013. With the implementation of the FSC and PEF Chain of Custody certification, H-Flachs stands for the exemplary sustainable production of our wood raw materials in compliance with defined environmental and social standards.

We assure that H-Flachs is neither directly nor indirectly involved in the following activities:

  • Illegale Holzernte oder Handel mit illegal geerntetem Holz
  • Verstoß gegen traditionelle und bürgerliche Grundrechte bei der Waldbewirtschaftung
  • Zerstörung von Wäldern, deren besondere Schutzwerte durch die Waldbewirtschaftung gefährdet sind
  • Signifikante Umwandlung von Naturwäldern in Plantagen oder nicht-forstliche Nutzungen
  • Einführung gentechnisch veränderter Baumarten bei der Waldbewirtschaftung
  • Verstoß gegen eine der Kernarbeitsnormen der ILO (International Labour Organization), wie sie in der „Erklärung über grundlegende Prinzipien und Rechte bei der Arbeit“ von 1998 definiert sind

FSC certificate and PEFC certificate downloads