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Multifunctional board


We can find solutions for any combination and develop your multifunctional board together with you. This reduces your stocks and your space requirements since you only need to produce a single door type.

Our multifunctional boards cover several important requirements at the same time, depending on material combination:

  • Sound insulation
  • Fire resistance EI30 – Ei90
  • Smoke tightness
  • Heat insulation and
  • Burglary protection RC3

Example: The H-Flachs multi-function board
Sound Core/Fire Core

  • The H-Flachs Sound Core/Fire Core has outstanding sound insulation properties
  • Light weight
  • Fire-resistance A2 S1; d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1
  • Heat conductivity coefficient ʎ = 0.057 W/mK
  • For EI30, EI60 and EI90 fire protection solutions
  • H-Flachs Sound Core/Fire Core is free of formaldehyde
  • Smoke protection

H-Flachs Sound Core/Fire Core

ClassRw (dB)Lambda (W/mK)Fire resistanceThickness (mm)
0320.071not technicalfrom 28
0370.071EI30from 32
1370.071not technicalfrom 28
1370.071EI30from 32
2410.071EI30from 33
2410.071EI30from 38
3< 420.071EI30from 38
3< 420.071EI30from 48
3< 420.071EI30from 53
3< 420.071EI3067
4over 42dB in progressover 42dB in progressover 42dB in progressover 42dB in progress

Category: Sound insulation category to DIN EN 4109;
Rw (C; Ctr): Door leaf measured in the grouted- in condition in accordance with EN ISO 10140-1
Lambda: Heat conductivity coefficient according to EN 12664