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Passive Noise Protection

Advice on passive soundproofing

Standard? Only if you want it.

We determine your individual requirements for your soundproof doors in the initial consultation. You will receive a target price offer and a proposal for the procedure, planning, production, testing and delivery.

In addition to excellent sound insulation, do you have special requirements for fire resistance, smoke tightness, thermal insulation and climate class? We work out your technical solution in cooperation with you. We pay particular attention to cost-optimized production and a test plan that meets all of the required requirements.

Do you want a standard solution? Then you will immediately receive a specific proposal for the construction of your door and a fixed price for the door leaf components.

Your consultant for passive noise protection

Wolfgang Hagenauer

+49 8654 589910

Wolfgang Hagenauer

Sound Insulation Inserts

H-Flachs sound insulation inserts for high quality passive sound insulation

Your advantages

  • The H-Flachs sound insulation insert has excellent sound insulation properties.
  • The H-Flachs sound insulation insert has the lowest weight per decibel of sound insulation compared to the competition. While the competition comes up with volume weights of 480 to 800 kg / m3, we achieve the same results with 350 kg / m3.
  • Doors with the H-Flachs soundproofing insert achieve typical thermal insulation values of Ud = 1.5 W / m2K for interior doors and Ud = 1.0 W / m2K for front doors. The coefficient of thermal conductivity is ʎ = 0.071 W / mK.
  • The H-Flachs soundproofing insert is made exclusively from the vegetable raw material flax and is completely recycled at the end of its life cycle.

Multi-function plate / H-Flachs fire protection inserts /
H-Flachs soundproofing inserts

The H-Flachs sound insulation insert as a composite panel with the H-Flachs fire protection insert has fire resistance EI30 in addition to the sound insulation properties.

You only produce one door type

Your production will benefit from the H-Flachs sound insulation insert with integrated fire protection insert. You only produce one door type, have a reduced space requirement and a minimal inventory. Why? The H-flax sound insulation insert with H-flax fire protection insert fulfills five important requirements in one panel when combining the materials:


Fire resistance EI30,

Smoke tightness,

Thermal insulation and

Burglar protection RC3.

H-flax soundproofing and fire protection inserts are individually configured for the needs of our customers.

Special sizes are produced at short notice. Each standard thickness can be increased by 5 mm. The format can be enlarged up to 2500 x 1200 mm.

Sound Laboratory

We test everything

We measure the sound insulation of doors in our laboratory according to the EN 10140 standard, taking into account all requirements. We optimize the system together with you and according to your needs. For this we install your ready-to-use door in our test bench and measure the sound insulation of the door leaf and the door system. Ideally, some variants of the frame and the sealing systems are tested to cover a wide range of applications.

The H-Flachs sound insulation layer is an important part of the door system and only achieves the desired effect if it is used properly and the influencing factors mentioned above are taken into account.

Important questions include:

  • What type and thickness of the door deck is used?
  • How are the door deck and the H-Flachs sound insulation insert glued?
  • Which sealing systems between door and frame or between door and floor are used?

Sound measurement results of a door with the H-Flachs sound insulation insert

From the flax board to perfect sound insulation